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Lesbian dramas have seen a slower development in the Asian region due to cultural and historical reasons, with Thailand experiencing a recent surge in television dramas in recent years. In contrast, richer and more diverse themes are found in lesbian dramas from regions such as Europe, the Americas, and Latin America. For instance, the currently popular “Stupid Wife” showcases this diversity. However, Japan has also made strides in recent years with its first lesbian-focused television drama, “She Loves to Cook and She Loves to Eat,” adding to the allure of wlw relationships in the genre.

Top 10 Korean GL Series: Must-Watch Korean Lesbian Web Series

Top 10 Korean GL Series Must-Watch Korean Lesbian Web Series
With the help of our in-depth guide, "Top 10 Korean GL Series: Must-Watch Korean Lesbian Web Series," discover the always changing world of Korean GL series. Learn how these shows have been transformed by the cooperation of Korean creators with multinational firms such as Disney and Netflix. Our carefully curated list provides an in-depth look at the best lesbian K-dramas that are influencing the genre, ranging from the ground-breaking '대세는 백합 (Lily Fever)' in 2015 to the most recent releases.