Top 15 Best Japanese Lesbian Dramas Series up to 2024

Japanese lesbian dramas are always a source of anticipation, as the unique creators consistently bring a range of styles to the LGBTQ community annually. 

Let’s start off 2024 by exploring some of the best Japanese yuri dramas list from recent years.

1. Chaser Game W (2024)

Japanese Lesbian Dramas Chaser Game W (2024)

January 9 saw the release of Chaser Game W: Power Harassment. Anticipated in 2024, Joshi wa Watashi no Moto Kano is a new Japanese lesbian drama. The main characters in this Japanese GL series are Sugai Yuuka and Nakumura Yurika.

The two female actors did an amazing job depicting the love-hate relationship between a former female boss and her subordinate.

Dusty love and hate are resurrected in the workplace, as the former lovers take on roles of superior and inferior.

I am eagerly awaiting the upcoming episodes of this fantastic new lesbian couple’s television show. You can also learn more details about Chaser Game W of the latest 2024 Japanese TV series at my website.

2. She Loves to Cook, and She Loves to Eat (2022-2023)

Japanese Lesbian Dramas She Loves to Cook, and She Loves to Eat (2022)

This drama She Loves to Cook, and She Loves to Eat excels at adapting the manga and addressing relevant issues for women in modern times. The connection between the two main women is incredibly touching and evokes a sense of healing. Their interactions are truly captivating. 

The drama portrays women in a genuine manner. Take Haru for instance – she’s not your typical city beauty. She’s a character that feels incredibly relatable, adding an authentic touch to the story. Kudos to Miss Nogami for brilliantly capturing the essence of delightful cooking scenes.

Japanese lesbian dramas excel at portraying the intricate details of women’s lives, covering their professional endeavors, social interactions, marital relationships, and romantic connections. Episode eight is truly exceptional. 

This experience is filled with romance and charm, transcending the need for physical affection like kisses or hugs. It beautifully demonstrates the immense power of storytelling.

3. And Then, Yuriko Was Left Alone (2020)

Japanese Lesbian Dramas And Then, Yuriko Was Left Alone (2020)

This drama offers a unique perspective on the familiar campus thriller genre. The story of Yurioko-sama has an intriguing and enigmatic quality to it. The ending caught me off guard with an unexpected twist.

The story revolves around a complex curse that has a connection with Lady Yurioko. Those who dare to oppose her are met with unfortunate circumstances. 

This results in a frightening situation where all other ‘Yuriokos’ are at risk, and only one has a chance of survival. The main character possesses a captivating charm and depth, rendering her highly intriguing. 

According to Mizuki, this love story goes above and beyond simplicity by eliminating unnecessary elements and instead delving into the profound connections between the characters.

4. Let’s Have a Meal Together!  (2019)

Japanese Lesbian Dramas Let’s Have a Meal Together!  (2019)

Fans have been absolutely thrilled about this cooking show that beautifully portrays the blossoming relationship between two sisters who are just starting out in the world of food. 

Despite each sister having their own best friend, their unique connection remains unbreakable. Ohtomo Karen shines in a role that is truly endearing, portraying a sister that anyone would adore.

5. Love in the Summer (2019)

Japanese Lesbian Dramas Love in the Summer (2019)

This lesbian show is incredibly appealing, with each character shining in their own unique manner. The story is imaginative and prompts you to consider its plausibility in reality.

From the very beginning, it appears to be a captivating story about a successful female CEO who finds herself attached to a web of romance, mystery, and hidden truths.

However, it evolves into a lesbian romance, which is a delightful twist. The show goes above and beyond in its exploration of the true essence of love. 

Everything from the well-thought-out story and deep characters to the perfect pace, smart twists, amazing acting, and the cast’s charm comes together to make a show that’s truly fantastic.

6. The Mistresses: Secrets of Women (2019)

Japanese Lesbian Dramas The Mistresses: Secrets of Women (2019)

The background music in this Japanese lesbian drama creates a dark atmosphere. I absolutely loved the lesbian storyline in the fifth episode, and the final scenes between the mother and son are absolutely outstanding. 

This drama goes above and beyond in capturing the depth and complexity of female friendships, with each character’s journey unfolding in a way that is anything but ordinary. 

I really enjoy the lesbian storyline. It carefully depicts the pain of unrequited love – the struggle to be the ideal partner for someone you deeply care for, only to discover that your efforts fall short.

7. Life As a Girl (2018)

Japanese Lesbian Dramas Life As a Girl (2018)

The Japanese lesbian drama’s background music creates an oddly captivating atmosphere, going beyond straightforwardness. The fifth episode is truly remarkable, with its captivating lesbian storyline that leaves a lasting impression. 

The mother-son scenes towards the end are particularly powerful and deserve immense praise. This drama goes above and beyond in its exploration of female friendships, skillfully weaving each character’s journey with moments of both buildup and climax. 

The lesbian storyline deeply resonates with me, capturing the significant truth of unrequited love. It portrays the painful journey of self-transformation for the sake of a beloved person, only to discover that love alone may not be sufficient.

8. Futari Monologue (2017)

Japanese Lesbian Dramas Futari Monologue (2017)

This is a school romance about two girls who were once best friends 10 years ago. Despite their completely different personalities, they reunite in the same school and immediately feel the desire to reconnect as friends. 

As they spend time together, they encounter some “misunderstandings” that gradually lead to developing feelings for each other.

This Japanese lesbian drama wonderfully conveys the complicated inner world of a young girl, blending moments of awkward humor with a gentle and uniquely Japanese charm. 

The story effortlessly transitions from moments of humor to heartfelt scenes, beautifully capturing the experience of laughing so hard that it evokes tears. This is a prime illustration of how comedy frequently contains a touch of sadness at its core.

9. BOKUMARI(2017)

Japanese Lesbian Dramas BOKUMARI(2017)

This drama offers a unique perspective on lesbian dramas, delving into the complexities of split personalities rather than the more common theme of body-switching. Ikeda’s portrayal of a woman with a male personality is truly remarkable. 

Initially, her relationship with Nakamura appears to be closer to that of a Boys’ Love story rather than an ordinary lesbian story. However, as the drama progresses, the true depth and cleverness of the story become apparent. 

What starts off as a seemingly straightforward story of soul swapping, with some provocative and unusual elements, evolves into a complex love triangle. 

The Japanese lesbian drama delves into complex psychological themes, delving into the intricacies of having multiple personalities and the profound impact it has on one’s sense of self.

10. Ôoku (2016)

Japanese Lesbian Dramas Ôoku (2016)

Once you become familiar with the complicated Japanese hairstyles showcased in this drama, the appealing lesbian storyline becomes impossible to ignore. 

The story is presented in a captivating manner that lingers in your mind. The script, crafted by a talented woman, delves into profound emotions and captures a sense of realness. 

There are subtle undertones of feminism present as well. This demonstrates the remarkable evolution of Japanese lesbian dramas, as they boldly and innovatively approach storytelling.

11. Fake Marriage(2015)

Japanese Lesbian Dramas Fake Marriage(2015)

It’s fascinating to witness the evolution of Japanese dramas, particularly in their portrayal of same-sex relationships. These relationships have evolved to become integral components of everyday stories, going beyond mere sources of curiosity or adult entertainment. 

They are portrayed with a strong emphasis on equality, love, and acceptance. It’s remarkable how scriptwriters are incorporating these complex topics into their stories. This enhances the overall understanding and appreciation of the underlying themes, while also promoting reflection on broader social concerns. 

This significant shift in how stories are conveyed holds great significance and serves as an excellent model for others.

12. Transit Girls (2015)

Japanese Lesbian Dramas Transit Girls (2015)

The energy of youth and the pursuit of true love is heightened when surrounded by a loving network of family and friends. Every profound emotion transforms into a precious treasure to cherish. 

The Japanese lesbian drama beautifully portrays a multitude of genuine relationships – the love and support from a partner, the acceptance of parents, the understanding of childhood friends, and the encouragement from peers. It’s like a captivating portrayal of both reality and the perfect life. 

As the younger sister reaches the age of 18, she encounters a range of challenges: navigating shifts within her family dynamics, discovering her aspirations, managing conflicts with friends, responding to the romantic feelings of a childhood friend, and most importantly, developing a unique and close relationship that feels very real and natural.

13. Mendol (2008)

Japanese Lesbian Dramas Mendol (2008)

This drama is an incredibly amusing and delightfully offbeat drama that brings a great deal of joy. The girls’ dedication and passion to captivate the audience on stage are truly remarkable and enjoyable. 

The standout characters in the story are undoubtedly the president and Marilyn; they bring a unique and captivating element to the narrative. Despite the drama’s modest budget and unusual plot, it manages to create a warm welcoming feeling for the LGBT community. 

This gives the impression of being an excellent introduction to them. I completely agree with the drama’s ideas and was captivated by the charm and attractiveness of each couple portrayed.

14. Last Friends (2008)

Japanese Lesbian Dramas Last Friends (2008)

This drama explores a diverse range of relationships, including family, friends, marriage, and romance, going beyond a singular focus. It’s about appreciating a unique form of joy and constantly progressing in life.

This Japanese drama delves into the complex and straightforward aspects of human connections. Whether it’s about friends, family, or romantic partners, the story revolves around a profound affection for one another. 

In the end, it celebrates the kind of lasting friendship that stays strong, no matter what happens in the world.

15. Paradise Thirty: The Melancholy of Being 29 (2000)

Japanese Lesbian Dramas Paradise Thirty: The Melancholy of Being 29 (2000)

This show expertly blends the thrill of forbidden romance with a deep sense of oversight. 

Shimizu Misa does a great job playing a butch lesbian. She possesses a captivating beauty and an undeniable strength, which may challenge one’s perception of her real-life orientation. 

The series goes beyond being simple and moves at an easy pace. Despite the complexity of events, the story ultimately circles back to its starting point, capturing a sense of authenticity. It’s remarkable how this drama from the early 2000s delves into intricate themes.

Here are 15 Japanese lesbian TV shows that explore the theme of “lesbianism” and showcase the evolution of Japanese society from a closed culture to a more open-minded attitude.

If you’re also interested in Japanese cinema, then I wrote earlier about this list of Japanese lesbian films from 1990-2000, The list of Japanese lesbian films from 2000-2023 is well worth your reading.

These Japanese lesbian dramas present us with amazing tales from a range of viewpoints and backgrounds.

A unique romantic and aesthetically stunning love story is told in these “yuri dramas” with delicate feelings and camera work. 

Many of them show the initial complexities and challenges of lesbian relationships. Have you ever experienced the same level of confusion as they have?

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