Stupid Wife Series: All You Want to Know About the Brazilian Lesbian Couple

The latest Brazilian lesbian series, “Stupid Wife” premiered its first season in 2022, featuring Priscila Reis and Priscila Buiar in leading roles. 

This series tells the story of a lesbian couple trying to rekindle their love after one of them experiences memory loss.

All You Want to Know Brazilian Lesbian Couple in the Latest Stupid Wife Series

Plot of Stupid Wife

One day, 18-year-old Louisa finds herself in the body of a 30-year-old. Valentina and Louisa, who had been enjoying a happy life with a wife and children, suddenly lost their joy.

Valentina is still the most despised person by the student’s wife, Louisa. Every day, she continues to provoke, humiliate, and reject any attempts at reconciliation. There is no more affection or kindness, only coldness that could crush anyone. 

All You Want to Know Brazilian Lesbian Couple in the Latest Stupid Wife Series

Furthermore, it occurred after Valentina’s miscarriage. Not only is she unable to communicate with her wife due to amnesia, but she also spends each day patiently comforting Louisa. Eventually, with the help of friends and family, they manage to influence 18-year-old Louisa’s mindset, leading to what they consider the peak of “sexual happiness”! 

They turn to their friends and family to convince 18-year-old Louisa that they were once the most content model partners, helping them regain their happiness.

How many seasons of Stupid Wife

Stupid Wife web series debuts its inaugural season in 2022 showcasing two stunning Brazilian personalities, Priscila Reis and Priscila Buiar.

The show exclusively streamed on YouTube, and thanks to the tremendous feedback, preparations for a second season started.

Believing in such a dramatic prequel is already a challenge, but just when you thought this drama couldn’t get any more intense, Stupid Wife Season 2 comes out!

Updates also began in late 2023 for Stupid Wife season 3, along with a Christmas special covering seasons 1-2 and an episode set in a college.

The cast of Stupid Wife

The chemistry between the two female characters is electric, overshadowing the predictable plot and creating a comfortable and enjoyable viewing experience.

Priscila Reis played as Louisa

All You Want to Know Brazilian Lesbian Couple in the Latest Stupid Wife Series

Priscila Reis, a well-known Brazilian actress and model, entered the world in Rio de Janeiro on December 28, 1989. 

Her portrayal of the main character Luiza in the web series Stupid Wife (2022) earned her widespread acclaim. 

She also played the role of Beatrice in The Endless Night (2023) and Suzana in The Next Door (2023). Traveling to 31 countries was a regular part of her modeling career. Reis is proficient in both English and Italian and loves to engage in Yoga, Samba, and Swimming during their leisure time.

Priscila Buiar played as Valentina

All You Want to Know Brazilian Lesbian Couple in the Latest Stupid Wife Series

Priscila Buiar, often referred to as the Brazilian counterpart of Angelina Jolie by her fans.

She is a Brazilian model and actress, born on November 7, 1991, in Maringá, Paraná. Skilled in both English and Spanish, she has been featured in various television commercials and stage productions. 

She became well-known for her work on the Magenta (series) (2018) and Stupid Wife (2022) series.

Aside from the main characters of this show, I’d love to introduce the director of this series, Natalie Smith.

Natalie Smith Director of Stupid Wife

All You Want to Know Brazilian Lesbian Couple in the Latest Stupid Wife Series

Natalie Smith demonstrates her versatility in this production, taking on the roles of director, actress, and producer, even making a brief cameo in this web series.

Natalie Smith, a multi-talented individual from Brazil, has made a name for herself through her work in various productions such as The Stripper, Melhor Amiga da Noiva, Poesias Para Gael, and Chicas Carioca.

In 2017, she appeared in the series “Melhor Amiga da Noiva,” which became the most-watched LGBT series in Latin America on YouTube.

Where to watch Stupid Wife

For those who prefer getting a glimpse of the storyline and cast upfront, watching the trailer beforehand is a good idea.

“Stupid Wife” – Trailer Oficial

At the start of season 3, it was possible to watch it on YouTube for a fee. Initially, viewers had to pay $47 to watch the first 3 episodes.

Just hang in there for a bit longer, and you’ll be able to watch it without any cost.

Stupid Wife Hot Scenes

Stupid Wife Christmas Special Episodes 03

All You Want to Know Brazilian Lesbian Couple in the Latest Stupid Wife Series

During the Christmas Special season, loved ones came together at home for a special dinner. Louisa was eager to freshen up before Christmas dinner. Valentina seized the opportunity to use the bathroom and enjoy a bath with her beloved stupid wife. 

The two actresses showed great commitment, delivering an emotional and beautiful scene.

Stupid Wife Bachata Dance scene on Season 1 Episode 6 

All You Want to Know Brazilian Lesbian Couple in the Latest Stupid Wife Series

The clip of Valentina visiting Louisa’s dance studio to find Louisa, and the two of them dancing together, is truly beautiful.

Stupid Wife Fanfic

The episode was inspired by a fanfic story originally shared on Wattpad, which drew from the imagination of Camren. 

Camila and Lauren are part of Fifth Harmony, and due to their strong bond, fans have begun creating various imaginative tales about them.

Some fans even started to believe that they were secretly dating, and started referring to the girls as their “ship name,” Camren. 

Both girls have denied that anything romantic went on between them. In fact, Lauren called the rumors “so traumatizing” in October 2020.

Despite being a low-budget web show with a heavy emotional tone and somewhat unrealistic plot, it still resonated with me on some level.

When facing the possibility of a breakup in a relationship, it’s important to work on repairing and making amends. Remember the commitment made in marriage to stay loyal and not give up.

Individuals with high emotional intelligence are not afraid to express their deep affection, frequently offering praise and encouragement to uplift their partner while also receiving the same in return.

At this point, I’m really passionate about other Brazilian lesbian movies. South America’s straightforwardness and enthusiasm shine through in everything they do.

This drama is reaching its end, and I hope that everyone can take away something meaningful from watching it.

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